When you first head to the Tevent site (or web app) you’ll be sent to the login page which you can find here. There are two options for you to choose between, you can either start hosting straight away or sign up with an email address.

  1. If you choose the former, click ‘Continue as Guest’ to start hosting without giving us any personal details.

  2. Choose a display name, then click ‘Continue as Guest’ once again to get started. You’ll be free to use our first free tier, however, if you want to upgrade your plan, you’ll need to provide an email address.

  3. When you first log in with a guest account, you’ll see a pop-up with some templates to choose from to get you started hosting your first Event, you can find out more about these here.

  4. When you log out of a guest account, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to claim the account by adding an email address, or delete your data and log out. You’ll also be able to select whether or not you’d like to receive marketing emails. We’ll prompt you to add a password — once you’ve added one in just hit ‘reset password’ and viola, the account is yours.

Be careful, if you leave your Guest Account without claiming it, we’ll automatically delete the data & account info.

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