How to Get Chatting:

Chats glorious chats. Everyone loves chatting, that's why we've made it so easy to spark conversations across the platform.

  1. No matter where you are in Tevent, the Chats & Contacts button will be on the navigation bar over on the top right-hand side.

  2. The chatbox has three tabs: one for all your active chats, one for your meetings (which we’ll cover in Meetings & Quick Calls), and one for all your contacts.

  3. To search for a contact, click on the contacts tab, in the bottom-right corner of the menu, and then click on the 'find users' icon that appears in the top-right (yes, the very clever one with the magnifying glass). A nifty search bar will pop up, where you can type out the name of whoever you're looking for, and click on their name to see their contact card.

Adding Contacts:

Across the platform, you can hover over a user’s avatar (or profile picture) and their contact card will pop up — simply hit the ‘Add Contact’ button to send them a connection request and start building your network. Once they accept, you'll be able to search for them in your chat menu to start a conversation.

To find out about editing your own contact card, go to Customising Your Profile.

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