Event Basics:

  1. You can create an Event from inside a premade Space, or as a standalone occasion. By choosing to create an Event from the Dashboard, you are creating a standalone Event.

  2. You can quickly create an Event right from the dashboard by clicking the 'New Event' button on the left-hand side and even choose from one of our templates if you’re not sure where to start.

  3. If you're already inside a Space, click the ‘+Add’ button next to the Events Tab on the right.

Setting Up Your Event:

  1. You can set the name and custom URL slug for your event, choose its length, and upload any visuals you want to decorate the place.

  2. Don't worry if you're strapped for time here, the auto-generated thumbnails are very snazzy. Last but not least are the Event Settings: you can find out more about the visibility, registration, and attendee permissions settings here.

  3. Hit 'Complete' to get your Event all up and running — remember, you can dip in and out anytime to edit details or add sessions, even after it's started. It wouldn't be much of an occasion without any company though, so don't forget your invites — here's how to do that.

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