If you’re new to Tevent, and still not quite sure where to start — or, if you’ve been with us a while, and just like the ease of use — our snazzy Templates will be right up your street. You can use them in standalone Events, or for an Event with Spaces.

For standalone Events:

  1. Navigate to the homepage by clicking the Tevent Logo;

  2. Front and center, you’ll see four options for a ‘Webinar’, ‘Conference’, ‘Workshop’, or ‘Social’, either hover and click on the one that suits you best or;

  3. Click over the ‘Organise New Event’ button on the left and choose whichever is best suited to your big Event.

For Events within Spaces:

  1. Navigate to your desired Spaces, which you’ll find on the left of your Dashboard;

  2. If your Space is brand-spanking-new, you’ll see the ‘Create Event’ button in the center of the screen;

  3. If your Space is already populated with a Room or Event, you’ll see on the left-hand side lists all your Events, above Rooms. Click the ‘+Add’ button to bring up our list of templates.

After you’ve chosen your template, you’ll be able to:

  1. Alter the date and time of your Event;

  2. Alter each sessions date & time (must be within the bounds of the Event);

  3. Alter existing session info (title, description, thumbnails, etc) and add even more Rooms and Stages once you’ve created and entered the Event.

We have created four templates to choose from to help you get started, which all last an hour by default, but can be altered to suit you:

Note: Tevent is free for hour-long Events, with up to 100 attendees per month, however, you may need to upgrade your subscription for longer, larger Events.

  1. Webinar:

  2. Conference:

  3. Workshop:

  4. Social:

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