Access to an Event is determined by the permission levels you choose to set, you can find out more about those here. Note: You will need to be an 'Organiser' of the Event to do this.

  1. Firstly, you can share the Event link directly to your social media — which you can easily do by clicking the ‘Share’ button on the right-hand side of your banner.

  2. The easiest way to invite people to your Event is to share an Invite Link with them. Simply head to the Event, then look to the bottom left-hand side of the screen where you’ll see a ‘Copy Link’ option. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard so you can share it far and wide, both on and off Tevent.

  3. Inviting your contacts, or Space members can be incredibly useful, especially if you want to run more than one Event. To invite folks already on Tevent, hit the ‘Invite’ button on the bottom left whilst inside the Event. Because they’re already Teventers, you can ever choose their role within the Event as either an Attendee or an Organiser.

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