If you’re the Event Creator, you’ll be registered for the Event automatically — so the party can’t start without you. However, if not, you’ll have to Register for the Event by following the link sent to your email. Click the ‘Register’ icon from the Event homepage that looks like a ticket, then you’re free to enter the event once it’s started. Navigate to the Stage by selecting it, then clicking ‘Open’ on the right-hand side.

As an audience member, you can:

  1. See yourself and other viewers in the viewers tab.

  2. Live react to the video-feed, which will animate your avatar in the bar above the main screen.

  3. Chat with presenters and the rest of the audience in the chat tab; you can post images, gifs and use emojis too.

  4. Pose questions in a dedicated questions section so that all attendees can vote to the top of the list, and react to polls that organisers can set up on the fly.

For more on how to create a Stage, go here. Or, if you're a budding presenter yourself, find details on how to 'go live' (as we like to call it) on Stage, by clicking here.

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