What's a Space?

Spaces are permanent hubs you create for yourself, your friends, communities, and networks. They're the groups you join to connect with other, like-minded users.

Once you're in Tevent:

  1. If you're not a part of any Spaces yet, your dashboard should have a link to create your very own Space.

  2. You'll then be able to name your Space, customize the URL of the page and add in a thumbnail and avatar to make it memorable.

  3. We'll also go through visibility, membership and member permissions settings for the Space. Feel free to get yourself familiar with these here.

  4. You can add a description of your Space in the settings to let people know what your own personal hub is all about.

  5. From your Space settings, you can also see all your visuals, change your privacy settings, and even add some house rules that you want your members to adhere to.

  6. You can create as many Spaces as you like for all your different groups, interests and networks.

Hit complete, and you're free to start exploring what you've made. Isn't it beautiful?

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