What's a Call?

A call is a shared audio or video experience within Tevent, that adds some extra fun to the regular call format you know and love. You can call contacts via the personal chat feature, or, by getting together at a Table. If you're feeling rusty, find out more about creating Tables here.

How to Join a Call:

  1. Within a Room, select the Table that you want to join by, you guessed it, clicking on it.

  2. Then, simply press the 'Join Table Call' button — it’s bright green and hard to miss.

  3. Before you join the call, Tevent will request permission via your browser to use your camera and microphone. After granting permission, you can always configure these settings to change your sources for audio or video at the 'Preview' screen.

  4. Once you're happy with the preview shown to you, hit 'Join' to get chatting.

  5. Do remember that you can configure and change the audio or video settings for your call by selecting the Settings icon in the bottom left, even after you join the call.

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