Quick calls were designed to be, well, quick. If you want to call a few people, but don’t want to disturb an existing chat — or, if you want to include non-members that aren’t currently using Tevent — Quick Calls are a great way to define the destination of your meet-up.

  1. Simply hit the ‘Start Quick Call’ from your home Dashboard and your call will be created instantly.

  2. From here, you’ll see a pop-up that will allow you to copy the link, to send to folks on or off Tevent.

  3. You can search for existing users by clicking ‘Search Users’ and typing in the name of whoever you want to call.

  4. A chatbox will pop up, which will be the destination of your Quick Call — and you can choose to ‘Join Now’ or ‘Join Later’.

  5. Quick Calls can be found in your chatbox, and from the drop-down menu next to the Call title, you can rename, view users, add users, cancel the meeting copy the link, view recordings, change the chat privacy settings, and even leave the chat if you want.

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