Visibility: lets you choose who can view the Event

  • Public: anyone on Tevent with a ticket can access the Event.

  • Private: anyone in the Space with a ticket can access the Event. Members outside the Space cannot.

  • Invite Only: only invited users can attend the event whether or not they're apart of the Space.

Registration Policy: lets you decide who can register for the Event

  • Open: anyone can register for a Ticket, including non-Space members.

  • Members Only: only Space members can register for Tickets.

  • None: members must be assigned a Ticket or enter via a Ticket-link.

Attendee Permissions: lets you decide what members can do within an Event

  • Create Rooms: find out more about creating Rooms here.

  • Create Stages:find out mroe about creating Stages here.

Roles: lets you decide the level of administrative access a member has within an Event

  • Organiser/ Staff: has complete administrative access within an Event including the ability to edit Event Settings, inviting people to the Event, and editing User Roles.

  • Attendee: can access any part of the Event but does not have any admin access.

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