Visibility: lets you choose who can view and has access to your Space

  • Public: the Space will be visible to everyone on Tevent.

  • Private: the Space will not be listed anywhere on Tevent, but anyone with a link or an invite will be able to access it.

  • Secret: the Space will neither be listed nor be accessible via a link. It will only be visible to members who have been invited to it.

Membership: lets you decide who can join your Space

  • Open: any Tevent member can join your Space by hitting the Join button.

  • On request: members will need to request access to your Space, and be approved before they can use it.

Member permissions: lets you decide what members can do within the Space

  • Create Rooms: find out more about creating Rooms here.

  • Create Events: find out more about creating Events here.

  • Invite members: members can invite other members in to join the Space.

Roles: lets you set administrative access for each member in a Space

  • Manager: can edit all Space Settings, invite other members and manage their Roles.

  • Member: can access everything in the Space but do not have admin access.

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