You can broadcast a message to everyone in a Space to keep everyone in the know. Maybe you’ve updated something, or want to let everyone know something important is happening — well, sending out a broadcast to everyone is a great way to do that.

  1. From inside your Space Dashboard, you’ll see four buttons on the bottom left, one of which being ‘Broadcast’. You can double-check where you are by looking at the title in the top left next to the Tevent logo (just to make sure you’re sending your Broadcast to the right people).

  2. Hit the ‘Broadcast’ button, type in your all-important message, click ‘Broadcast’ again and hey presto — your Broadcast is sent.

  3. All members of your Space (online and off) will receive a notification in Tevent, and an email to let them know that something’s happening.

Be sure not to spam your members with unimportant messages though — or, like the boy who cried wolf, people might stop coming.

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